ClayKat Ceramics is dedicated in loving memory to Isis aka #princesslittlefeet whom passed May 1, 2014. Her face smiles back at me with each new piece I lovingly stamp.

I hope ClayKat Ceramics brings you a snippet of the joy I gained having her in my life for 19 years. Each piece has a mind of it's own and is inspired by pieces of me or the things I love.. Whether it be the blush of my skin, the "freckles" in the speckled clay, the ever changing green of my eyes and the forests I love..or the plethora of blues from the oceans and sky!

I hope you enjoy!

As many of you have followed along since the beginning I was in debilitating pain from a neck and shoulder injury that took me away from pottery and then had a series of health issues that almost killed me.. Luckily with my own perseverance and the help of some really great doctors we found medications that made me feel like myself again and all I wanted to do was get back to work on the wheel but I felt trapped in NYC and the lack of space.. Unfortunately, right after Thanksgiving of 2018 my mother was found dead and the day after my lover was found dead in his bed from an aortic aneurism. As you can imagine this was a huge and very painful shock to me and unfortunately I still am not over those losses.. After dealing with my Mother's home I went back to NYC and packed up my things and drove across the country back to Austin where I felt I had the friends to fall back on if I needed.. Let's just say it hasn't been easy.. I'm not ready to share all that has happened to me but I hope that soon I will be able to bring @caymanthekitten to Austin and have a kickstarter to help me with making the space I have access to more workable and have access to other things to help me grow this business and continue to share with all of you what made my heart shine in the first place.. So drop me a line if you feel like it just to say hi and brighten my day ☺️



To see what I do when I'm not at the pottery wheel. Visit

I am a food/stills and interiors photographer shooting for national magazine publications and advertisers. 

I also foster and am an exprienced neonatal orphan kitten bottle feeder and have worked with over half a dozed rescues in NYC and am a Volunteer at Austin Pet's Alive in the neonatal unit until I can bring @caymanthekitten and we can start fostering little ones again that he can watch over and help grow...